MOMENTUM – Focus your Talent is about getting your career in motion.

MOMENTUM will fund the provision of free education and training projects to allow 6,500 jobseekers (who are unemployed for 12 months or more) to gain skills and to access work opportunities in identified growing sectors.

MOMENTUM will provide eligible jobseekers with

  • Access to a range of quality education and training projects
  • Links to identified job vacancies and employers
  • Work placement and support
  • Relevant industry and NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications) Certification.

MOMENTUM projects are designed to create a dynamic environment where talented and motivated people work together to make a difference in their lives and careers.

This is an opportunity to focus your talent, increase your skills, reveal your potential to employers and gain access to job vacancies.

MOMENTUM is supported by the Labour Market Education & Training Fund which is part of the Government's Action Plan for Jobs programme and is administered by SOLAS. This initiative is funded by the European Social Fund/European Structural Funds Programme 2014-2020.


LMETF funding is being utilised to provide education and training solutions nationwide to the needs of both unemployed individuals and employers within the context of seven categories. These categories have been chosen because there is evidence available which shows that these skills are associated with relatively good employment opportunities.

  • Category 1: Built Environment (Construction)
  • Category 2: ICT
  • Category 3: Transport, Distribution and Logistics
  • Category 4: Tourism (Hospitality, Accommodation, Food and Beverage)
  • Category 5: Financial Services
  • Category 6: Manufacturing (technology)
  • Category 7: Other services (Personal Services, Sales and Marketing, Business Administration, other services un-specified)

Certification will be at Levels 5-6 on the National Framework of Qualifications or equivalent to Levels 4-6 on the National Framework of Qualifications or an industry recognised certification within the sector.