*** Service Interruption ***
The relocation of SOLAS head office and data centres will begin shortly. Every effort will be made to minimise any interruption to services. This move will result in some temporary disruption to ICT systems.
The days on which disruption is most likely are on the weekends July 18th/19th and 25th/26th

MOMENTUM will fund the provision of free education and training projects to allow 6,500 jobseekers (who are unemployed for 12 months or more) to gain skills and to access work opportunities in identified growing sectors.

MOMENTUM will provide eligible jobseekers with

  • Access to a range of quality education and training projects
  • Links to identified job vacancies and employers
  • Work placement and support
  • Relevant industry and NFQ (National Framework of Qualifications) Certification.

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MOMENTUM (2014-2017) Panel

Notice to interested parties regarding list of pre-qualified contractors (1st May)

MOMENTUM (2014-2017) Panel

Application for admission to the SOLAS MOMENTUM (2014-2017) Panel ( 19th March, 2014)


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